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Dear Friends and Colleagues: Zootechnicians, Veterinarians, MVZ, Agronomists, Livestock Technologists, Poultry Farmers, Poultry Farmers, Horsemen and others related to animal production.

Welcome to the page of Can Rabbits Eat and Veterinary Medicine is my passion, where you will find information of our professional interest such as Articles, News, Books, Videos, courses among others. I hope this space becomes a place for discussion and technical and scientific contributions that help us improve the situation of our beautiful Profession.

Personally, I feel very fortunate in this space where we can touch on different themes in the different animal production systems such as Nutrition, Reproduction, General Management, Genetics and Improvement, Administration, Diseases, pasture management, sanitary management, clinical cases among others.

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Waiting for God our Lord to infinitely bless their lives. I welcome you to my page.