Better Training for a Labrador

How to train a farmer

There are people who don’t take seriously the dog training, but just as it is very important to think about giving your vaccines, in the healthy food and toys so that they are more active, it is also very important for social integration and family life to have a good education. In this article we are going to help you on how to train a farmer.

If you have a labrador puppy, we want you to think about how important it is that it is training. Of course, if your dog is a puppy training will be much easier to do. Think that a labrador has the same capacity as any other dog, but there is a characteristic to take into account, Labradors are playful by nature, so the sooner this work is done, the better.

If you want to know more about the behavior and personality characteristics to be able to think about a smart way of trainingWe just take a look at the following:

  • Labradors are a very playful and active breed.
  • They are also loyal and easily obey the commands the leader executes.
  • They love to exercise, even swimming is among their favorite “sports”.
  • They are excellent guide dogs and helpers in hunting practices.
  • They are multifunctional, so they are used as anti-drug dogs.
  • They have a lot of energy, therefore, require a lot of physical activity.

Training type with a labrador

Trained and educated adult farmers

Although our intention here is to talk about Labrador puppies training, there are also trainings in adult labradors, especially it is recommended for those who jump on people, destroy the garden, flee if the door is open and do not relieve themselves in the right places. For all these actions and also to work the physical and mental point of them there are trainings for adult dogs.

There is no suitable age, there is an ideal age. Ideally, training begins when they are still young, however remember that some dogs have not had that opportunity when they were young and we should not just forget. If this is your case, better look for a expert trainer to work with adults.

In labradors, the best age to train is more or less two months old, during which they still have no idea what is right or wrong and are testing everything, just like a child. So timely reprimand and petting and giving are the main attitudes to start talking to your dog about what is right or wrong, and we also train automatically without realizing it.

How is training done in puppies?

Teach command raise leg

The Dog training begins with simple and basic attitudes. If you have just integrated the dog into the family, you already know that it must have a space that is only yours to sleep and eat, right? Therefore, this space should be treated with care and affection, this place is where you will come back to whenever you want to welcome and feed. Now remember that training a Labrador is better to do when they are young so that they do not break objects in the house. They are playful by nature and ideal for children!

Also, the labrador puppies are very sleepy and will have to take a “nap” and this is the time that you should put it in the place that we mentioned before so that you understand that there is a place to do it. Okay, so let’s think logically! If you go to this place in search of shelter, protection and food, why not start training there?

Two Labradors learning training

The main commands for training puppies are sit, lie down, here, wait and togetherHowever, we want to draw your attention to other important actions that, in addition to those already mentioned, can also be carried out.

  • An important action is to teach the farmer that shouldn’t jump on us. By avoiding and training it, your dog will not do the same with other people on the street or with friends. You should know, that this is a very embarrassing situation, but also very common.
  • It is important to teach your dog that learn to wear the necklace. It may seem awkward at first, but the dog will get used to it. Notice, every time you go for a walk with the dog and he is walking next to you with the command “together”, you teach him what you want him to do if he leaves. At this time, a reward can be given if the animal responds correctly.

What are the advantages of training puppies?

Labrador retriever puppy sit command

Well, as we have already seen there are many advantages if we train them as puppies, especially if we do not want our dog to be the leader of the pack. Remember that the leader of the pack must be you.

Among other important advantages when training from puppies are the following:

  • The smaller the easier it will be to train it.
  • As a puppy it is not a concern that you eat many snack “rewards”. Since puppies eat more than adults, for each positive and obedient action you can give them a reward snack. As long as the vet allows it.
  • And since we are in the growth phase it will be great to also teach basic commands. Since, as in the bone formation process, you will have greater ease of sitting and lying down.
  • Another important action is to make the farmer learn to take food from your hand. So when you’re hungry, of course, it will screw you up.
  • When a dog is a puppy, all family members are more willing to contribute to education with dog training. So do not miss this opportunity, because over time, naturally, this desire will end and you will not have as much help 🙂

Therefore, as a child, a dog needs to learn what it can and what it can do. It is when they are small that we will achieve the best results, but do not be discouraged if they are not. There are specific trainings for all stages of your pet’s life.

Training your dog can give him a new lifestyle for the better. Keep in mind that for each training action you do, you will have a better relationship between the two.

More things you should know about Labradors

Labrador long haired commando wait

  • The Labrador breed dog has a strong family instinct, making it a dependent dog and considers all members of the family as its pack.
  • Is a docile dog And so it is not the best breed to be used as a watchdog, so it will not always bark when a stranger appears.
  • This breed loves to be with humans, hence the dog cannot be left apart, alone or away from human contact in long periods, because it can get depressed.
  • Remember that a puppy is always more activeThey are playful and just like to destroy things, so training is an important factor.

How To Deal With Labrador Puppies

Better puppy training

If you just got a labrador puppy and are taking it home, keep in mind a few small precautions that can help in training your pet:

  • The training can be started from the moment you arrive at your new home, with small acts, in addition to give him lots of cuddling during his adaptation to the house to make it easier to train and obey other adults.
  • We have previously mentioned that we should also take our puppy to the place where he should eat, remember that he has to keep playing with him and giving you attention until you relieve yourself. While the dog is adjusting they should not be scolded for any accident, we should always be kind and patient with it until it is old enough and has adapted to the new house.
  • A puppy learns what actions he should take by looking at his mother , in his absence his actions will be reflected from the people with whom he has contact, as well as other dogs when the socialization period begins.
  • Puppies generally cry at night when they get to a new home. Constantly scolding them is a wrong idea, because they will understand that if they cry the owner will pay attention to them. Some type of garment can help at this time: you can leave an old sweater with your scent in the place where he sleeps, another option is to play long before bed and take a walk to exhaust the puppy and rest well.

During the training

Train command sit

  • Always reward your dog When he performs a task that you are teaching him, it is a positive reinforcement that helps your dog understand that learning is correct. The prizes can be appetizers, praises or caresses.
  • Don’t punish your dog, is unable to understand why he is being punished. Instead of punishing him, it is better that he understands that obedience is good, that way he will always want to please us.
  • Teach the command “sit” before “wait” and only start with the latter when our dog masters the action of sitting;
  • Be firm, your dog will try to prove that he is the leader of the situationWe should not allow him to growl at us or our family, as well as avoid being challenged. Scolding him is enough for him to understand who is the leader of the pack.
  • Training a dog requires patience because it will make mistakes and the task must be repeated several times until it is completely mastered.
  • The requests they should always be clear and simple, arguing with a dog is useless, since it is not able to understand us, only to say what it must do specifically.
  • One way to make our dog lose the bad habits of biting or jumping on us is by walking away when this happens, so he will understand that if he does that action we will walk away and he will end up avoiding him due to his great instinct to be close to us.


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