Dog Training: 6 Best Dog Tricks

Trained sitting dogs

If you have a new pet and are wondering what are the best tricks for its training, you can follow some tips with which you can significantly improve the behavior of your pet. But before we take a look at what the different types of training are for improve dog training.

Types of dog training

Dogs have many possibilities when it comes to their education. Some learn the basic rules of behavior for spending time with a family, while others can learn skills for working as a police dog, search and rescue. There are many different types of dog training, depending on your needs.

One type of training is one that teaches the pet how to behave well in the presence of other animals and people. Part of this training can deal with behavioral problems such as excessive barking or biting everything in your reach.

Training to give the paw

Obedience training is another variety. This training is aimed at ensuring that dogs are obedient through the use of different commands such as sitting, being silent, lying down, among others.

Agility training is used for those dogs that participate in events sports like races, obstacle courses or jumps. This is without a doubt a more advanced type of training, since it supposes that the dog understands basic indications. A point to note is that during the competition, the dog cannot receive any prize. Therefore, your pet must have a strong connection to you, either by voice or through certain physical gestures.

If, on the one hand, any dog ​​can learn these skills, some breeds are more prone to sports than others.

6 basic tricks that will help you in training

Paying attention to your dog and giving him great affection is the best way to learn to listen to him. If he feels uncomfortable when he meets another animal or another person, don’t insist on forcing him to socialize. It is conveying to him that he is not comfortable for some reason, and therefore must be respected to avoid major problems. Forcing coexistence can cause a big problem.

Be sure to give your dog all the attention it needs. Let him know that he behaved well. Even, it is not a problem if you are a little exaggerated, since you are not a person and if we are very expressive you will appreciate it.

Even if you think that some “trinket” is a delight for your dog, this does not mean that your little friend will like it. Some dogs are very selective about what they like to eat. Soft, chewy delicacies are usually more exciting than grabbing something tasty and crisp. We must be vigilant about what they like to try to provide it.

There is nothing wrong with saying “no” to your dog, although it is always better to talk about what you want him to do, to avoid confusion.

Training through grocery prizes

Unify criteria whenever you are training your dog, it is important that all family members participate in such unification of criteria and rules, since it is the key to success so that your dog does not get confused and achieve good behavior.

Set realistic expectations: changing your pet’s behavior takes time. For example, if you don’t care about people getting up in the last seven years, and now you’ve decided that you don’t want them to do it ever again, change this behavior. lead to. much longer than if he had been trained as a puppy.

However, remember that It is never too late to change the behavior of dogs, it will only take longer.

The benefits of feeding quality food should not be underestimated: feeding your dog a proper diet and the recommended amounts of protein is basic. In addition to improving your health, it will also promote your behavior.

Thus It is always recommended to consult a veterinarian about the best diet, quantity and most suitable food for your dog.

  • Reward: The idea of ​​using food treats to train your dog can be used as a booster, but don’t abuse it. Must be combined with games and walks.
  • Freedom: Let your dog get a little bit of freedom around the house little by little. A common mistake that is made to give you too much freedom too early. This can easily cause accidents in the home, or destructively bite anything that comes into your possession.
    So perhaps it is necessary to close the doors of some rooms to avoid this type of problem.


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