Glaucoma in dogs: How to treat this painful disease

In general, it is the longest-living dogs who suffer from this disease that causes total blindness in our pets.

Dogs’ vision is not as sharp as their sense of smell or hearing system. However, this sense is just as important to your daily life, so any condition must be treated with care.

One of the most common is glaucoma, which is one of the most severe pathologies that can suffer from dogs as it causes total blindness of the affected eye, much inflammation and is very painful.

Glaucoma is excess intraocular fluid in the inner areas of the eye. These organs constantly produce fluids that are then slowly drained. When a dog suffers from glaucoma, it produces such a level of fluid in its eye that it cannot be removed quickly. This is why the affected eye looks whitish and more swollen.

The causes of this ailment can be hereditary or due to another disease, such as diabetes.


Everything will depend on the dog situation and dog evolution. Veterinarians generally apply eye drops, but there are certain precautions to take as it can be very difficult to apply the drops to a dog. You should always ask your vet for directions to apply the medication.

There are also pain relievers that help control inflammation of the eye, since it is usually painful or can even cause other discomfort at the brain level.

On the other hand there is the surgical option. There is the laser option that tries to control excess intraocular fluid, although you should go to an eye medicine veterinarian.

Another option is to remove the affected eye, since glaucoma usually occurs in both eyeballs. However, you should keep in mind that it is a surgical procedure not suitable for older dogs or that have any other pathology, such as heart disease.


While treatment helps decrease discomfort, you can also do simple things to make your dog feel better.

According to the Animal Expert site, it indicates that you should avoid wearing collars, since their use has been shown to increase pressure on the eye.

There are also home remedies that can help healing. Spinach is a good vegetable and you can easily use it. You just need to boil it in water and give small amounts to your food

Fennel reduces pressure on the eye. You should make an infusion or squeeze the juice and gently clean your eye with this liquid.

Blueberries strengthen the blood vessels of the eye and regulate pressure. Give him some blueberries without seeds.

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