Home Remedies for Dogs with Constipation

Active dog avoids constipation

As with human beings, dogs can suffer from constipation and discomfort feeling pain.

This can occur due to a lack of fiber in your diet and not drinking enough water throughout the day. There are many options for treating constipation, such as some home remedies that we want to share here in Pets 2.0.

The Causes of Constipation

Most dogs have constipation at some point in their lives, although if treated early, they will not present any health problems. Therefore, it is good to pay attention when we take our pet out and control its feces, to avoid future complications in time.

Constipation is the inability of the intestines to empty normally. If your dog seems to be taking too long or the feces are too hard, it is likely a case of constipation.

One of the causes of this disease in dogs is related to excessive licking of the skin, since doing it often, Animals ingest large amounts of hair that become tiny balls that clog the colon.

In addition to food and lack of physical activity, They are one of the causes of constipation can be attributed to the consumption of foreign objects such as stones, grass, tissues, bones, dirt, toys or plant material.

In adult dogs, this condition can be caused by kidney disease or an enlarged prostate.

We suggest that Before starting any treatment or changing your pet’s diet, consult a veterinarian to make sure it is not a more serious or different problem.

Constipated dog

Some home remedies


Include it in your dog’s diet to prevent and cure constipation. Pumpkin has a large amount of water and is a good source of fiber. We can use it as a puree in our dog’s diet.


We can find natural supplements that They contain additives such as acidophilus enzymes, folic acid, and vegetable oils.


If the vet suggests this treatment, a mild laxative can help your pet. Of course, we must take into account the size and weight of the animal, something that your vet will already specify.


It may be an option suggested by the vet and it should teach you how to do it correctly.

Milk of magnesia

A small amount will suffice, but consult your vet about this product anyway.

Wheat and oats

Adding regularly These two cereals add to our pet’s food and, just like with pumpkin, will work to prevent constipation. Always consult the veterinarian about the dosage.

Aloe Ferox

This type of aloe has a beneficial effect on digestive function and acts as a natural wiper system.

Exercise and clean fresh water

To maintain the proper functioning of the digestive system, our dog must move. Exercising regularly will help push stool through the colon.

In addition to all this, make sure the dog has clean, fresh water to drink for as long as it needs. Both factors can help prevent and cure constipation.

Dog shot down by constipation

Choose canned food

If your dog eats this type of food on a daily basis, try to incorporate canned foods, since the food and this type of products are more humid and promote the movement of the intestines.

Ginger and chicken broth

Prepare this home remedy It is done as follows, mix ¼ teaspoon of ginger and ½ cup of chicken or beef broth over the usual diet, you will get surprising results.

Olive or vegetable oil

It is a resource that you should not use very often, as it can cause diarrhea. When your puppy is constipated, add a tablespoon of olive oil to his food.

Finally, if after all these home remedies, the problem persists for several days, if there is blood in the stool, if your dog vomits, contact your vet immediately Because the constipation problem can get worse and worse.


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