The “False” Wolves from Game of Thrones

Wolves from Game of Thrones

For those of us who continue to watch the series Game of ThronesYou will surely remember that each of Ned Stark’s children has a faithful companion wolf. Well, the animals that appear in the famous television series, actually, they are not wolves, they are a breed of Northern Eskimo dogs Inuit call.

This breed originated in the late 1980s from creating a domestic dog that looked like a wolf. This is exactly what suited the producers of the series. In this article we are going to give more details about the “wolves” of Games of Thrones, the Inuit race.

What is the origin of this breed?

We are talking about a breed that is not officially recognized. It began to develop in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. The Northern Inuit comes from the crossing of German shepherds with Siberian huskies and a variety of Eskimo dogs.

What does the North Inuit look like?

Inuit Game of Thrones

From the result of these crossings a large, athletic breed of dog appeared, but not very strong. Females are 58-71 cm tall and weigh 25-38 kg, and males are 58-81 cm tall and weigh 36-48 kg.

Its external appearance is similar to that of a wolf. They have long, sharp snouts, pointed ears, and straight tails. If they have curly tails it is a genetic defect of the specimen.

Its coat is double and the colors it presents range from pure white to pure black to the entire range of grays. These dogs may or may not have a white spot on their face.

How is the behavior of the Inuit of the North?

Northern Eskimo dogs are very “stubborn”, that is, so it is not a recommended breed for owners who are not used to train dogs or they cannot afford this service.

If you want to adopt a Northern Inuit, you must to be prepared to be a strong leader or else, you will be relegated to the last position of the pack and you will have to obey the whims of your dogs.

Inuit of the White North

This breed is much more difficult to train than any other. They are very likely to have separation anxiety when left alone and unattended for a long time, which can lead to destructive behaviors.

However, in the education of puppies this should be prevented from happening, so the dog training is mandatory for them.

Socializing with other dogs should begin as soon as the first shot is given and should be intensive, as their play may otherwise be misinterpreted and unintentionally end up damaging. If we have them as a pet they will always be better if we have another dog to keep them company.

What health problems does this breed have?

Like most dogs, they also have some genetic problems. They are especially prone to hip dysplasia and epilepsy, reason why it is recommended to carry out a control of this predisposition if we plan to cross them.

Curiosities of the wolves of Game of Thrones

When the “wolves” of the series were small and were not computer generated, the people in charge of the series chose to use Inuits, which they were trained for 12 weeks.


Actress Sophie Turner, Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, he adopted the puppy that he played in the series and baptized it with the name of Zunni.


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