This smart collar cares for and tracks your dog

An American company created this modern device that can monitor your pet when you are away from it.

Everything indicates that technology is increasingly concerned about the health of our pets. This is because flea collars, leather and fabric collars or even identification microchips will be in the past in a short time due to an innovative device that promises to safeguard the health of your faithful companion.

It is an intelligent collar made of leather and that incorporates a remote control light that allows you to locate your dog, record its activities and also has a GPS.

In the same way as the applications that are designed for humans, this leash also allows you to verify the distances traveled by the dog and its body temperature. That is, it is very useful to know if your faithful companion is cold or has a fever.

But in addition to this, the device allows you to create a “virtual mesh”, that is, it will notify you when the dog leaves your home area or anywhere you have defined in the application.

But in addition to warning about the health of your friend with legs, the necklace can also post photos just as you do on your social networks.

This device is in pre-sale and reservations can only be made here.

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