Why take your pet to a canine beauty salon

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Has your dog ever been to the beauty salon? Take care of your pet, either for aesthetic reasons or for reasons of hygiene is necessary and has many advantages. Therefore, after all, the chances are reduced to getting rid of fleas and other types of unwanted parasites, this reduces the risk of skin infections. On the other hand, during the summer, this habit helps our friend to keep it clean and fresh.

Cutting your dog’s hair is easier than you think. If you do not like doing it at home, there are specialized rooms for canine cuts. If you decide on this last option, we leave here some recommendations that can help you.

Pet Beauty Salon

Before going to the dog groomer, it is better to relax the dog, it should give a short walk to spend energy and relax you. Caress him for a few minutes and make sure that he is not stressed or scared, if it is the best case, call to change the appointment, since it can be scary and it would complicate us being able to do it on next trips to the establishment.

In the room, it is difficult to keep animals calm. It is very difficult to arrive at a stay with the calm pet. Tranquilizers can be very dangerous to dogs, don’t even think about it. Then the specialists with more canine aesthetic experience will apply some techniques such as massages or music to calm them down. So the professional you choose must be a very special person to keep your animal calm and stress free.
Dog bathing in canine beauty salon

Dogs have a lot of fur, and each breed has different characteristics. The groomer in canine aesthetics must be well informed on how to proceed with the great diversity and styles for the most popular and the most exotic breeds. Since not dealing with the person, the number of clients is a factor to take into account, since it assures us that they have dealt with many different dogs.

Animal aesthetic experts should use forever the best products. Always check the product they use. It must be remembered that those based on chemicals can cause irritation and even cancer in your pet, and to avoid major setbacks it is better to investigate it beforehand.

Applied techniques

Pigtail and Braids to Dog in Canine Beauty Salon

The bathroom and toilet space a pet store actually can be compared to a luxury beauty salon. Estheticians have dryers, which are always connected, scissors for action and a pleasant smell of cosmetics invades the air.

Previously, the services of a pet store were limited to hygiene and animal health, but dogs now also receive special aesthetic attention.

The market offers a wide variety of beauty treatments. However, we still have those who prefer to share their personal products with the four-legged friend. For such is the warning of the pet store, veterinarians warns: ¬ęThere are specific products for dogs, that is, with their ideal pH. If chemicals from humans are used in the dog then it will develop some skin disease. “

Dog combing his hair in canine beauty salon

Your pet can have its nails, hair, tattoos, brushing, hydration, perfume and more, painted while respecting skin care. The best thing is to always have a vet in the store to confirm everything.


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